Disney Weekend Anniversary Getaway


Sorry about the absence from the blog, but just have been busy. Anyways, this weekend was so much fun! Hubby and I went to Disney World for our two-year anniversary. It was just filled with so much fun and lots to do and see. We went for one whole day from morning to night. We went to Epcot for most of the day, but the last two hours of the day we spent at Animal Kingdom. We went on several boat rides that showed how hydroponics works and how Disney uses it to grow their own produce all year around. They actually use this produce inside all of the restaurants at Disney! I am going to just list all of the attractions we saw and things we did:

1. Spaceship Earth- This is the main attraction of Epcot. It is that infamous huge silver ball, which actually has a ride in it.  It was an interactive ride that lets you see into the future.

2. The Seas with Nemo & Friends – This is obviously based on the movie and you sat in “clamobiles” where you went underground to find Nemo. It was animated and surrounded by real fish tanks. It was really cute!

3. Turtle Talk with Crush- This is from the movie again and it has crush the turtle talk to everyone in the room on an interactive screen where kids can ask questions about turtles. It was really neat because the technology was so advanced it allowed someone to watch the crowd and speak to them through the voice of Crush. The kids loved it and Crush had everyone laughing. Even the adults.

4.  Living with the Land – This was a slow-moving educational boat voyage through a green house and a fish farm which displayed all sorts of plants and animals. Quite frankly, it wasn’t boring at all!

5. Mission: Space – This allows you to be an astronaut as you blast into space without leaving earth. There were two missions: Green and orange. Green was the milder one. However, I didn’t go on either one, but hubby went on both as I sat outside. He really enjoyed it because you sit in this spaceship looking thing and it spins wildly so you can feel the effects of centrifugal forces on your body.

6. Test Track- this is the longest, fastest attraction in Disney where you board a GM vehicle and go over different tests, finally finishing off with a tilted high-speed run. Again, I didn’t go on it but hubby did and he sure did enjoy it!

7. World showcase This is where you basically walk around and see a the culture, language, cuisine and architecture of a handful of different countries. The countries were Mexico, Norway, China, Germany,  Canada, United Kingdom, France, Morocco, Japan, America and Italy. It was a diverse cultural experience that allowed you to ‘visit’ these countries without actually leaving America.

8. Kalinmanjaro Safari- I saved the best for last and by far, my favorite part of our whole visit to Disney! Here, you can go on a very realistic safari to see various animals roaming freely on the Harambe Preserve. It was spectacular to see the animals so close up roaming freely in their own habitat. We saw lions, cheetahs, elephants, wilder beast, crocodiles, giraffe, and various kinds of birds. It was so realistic because the safari truck we sat in was just what you would sit in if you actually went to africa. It even had oil cans hanging and camping gear tied to the roof. The trail was muddy with slopes and even old wooden creeky bridges that were mechanicalized to tilt as we drove over it!! It was so much fun and I really love it.

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend filled with fun, adventure and lots of walking! That night we retired to a nearby hotel after picking up dinner at a local restaurant. We were just so exhausted from all the walking that we immediately dozed off! It was a nice opportunity for us to go away somewhere together for the weekend to getaway from the daily grind of life, especially for hubby who has 12 hour days, 5 days a week! So if you ever get a chance to visit Disney, make sure you don’t let it pass you by!

I took over 300 pics, so I will share a few below.

Spaceship Earth


Harambe Preserve

Nemo & Friends! So cute!

Interactive show with Crush!

The Seas!

Eco-friendly characters!




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