Quote about Reverting to Islam


At one special moment of our lives – a moment that we could have never foreseen when we were younger- God, in His infinite knowledge and kindness, had mercy on us. Maybe He saw in us a need so great, a pain so deep, or an emptiness so vast. And maybe, He also saw in us a readiness. However He made it come to be, to Him we are eternally thankful. Truly, all praise and thanks belong to God.

– Jeffrey Lang


About MuslimWife23

"The Night of the Prophet's SAS birth is a magnificient, noble, blessed and holy night, a night of bliss for the believers, pure, radiant with lights, and of immeasurable price." -Ibn Kathir "You will reach a station where even accepting a little bit of dunya will be a burden on you...you will become a tool only for God acting in his service"

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  1. Beautiful quote. I didn’t convert to Islam…but much of me felt like I did. I went from being a muslim by name to hopefully one that is inspiring to be a muslim within my heart. The change that came over me felt like a conversion. I’m sure not as strong as the change that comes to a convert, but to a smaller degree. I remember all I can think was Alhamdulillah!

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