What Lies Ahead


Hubby is on break from school till Jan. 18th. I’ts almost six weeks, which seem like a long time but it sure is flying by. I am trying to make the best of it because once school starts there is no time for anything, but school and work. School and work. School and work. Kinda gets boring and tedious after a while. But recently, I’ve been thinking about the future and what lies ahead and I am ecstatic for a whole bunch of reasons!

Firstly, hubby will inshallah be graduating this semester! This is particularly important for us to move ahead in our lives and start a family. He has worked incredibly hard the past 2.5 years to get his degree. Just like me, he sped through college to get his four-year degree in half the time. It has not been easy to say the least. He has busted his butt working hard to make the grades and provide for us. Just ask anyone who’s been there and done that. It’s a harsh world out there and either you make it or you don’t. Survival of the fittest.

Secondly, hubby’s birthday is coming up next month. While I already got him his gift, a fossil watch of his liking, I am thinking about sneaking a few small things in. He’s definitely going to get the cake he wants…probably something to do with peanut butter, caramel and chocolate. We don’t go all out and have a full-blown celebration, but at the same time we don’t fail to reflect and live the moment.

Thirdly, our two-year anniversary is coming up!!! TWO YEARS! Who knew we’d make it this far? Our marriage had a rocky start due to some family issues and etc. but we hit it off pretty good alhumdullilah. Everyone expected us to fail, but somehow, someway – we’ve managed. When I got married, my father said the first two years of marriage are the most difficult. He went on to explain they are the most difficult because it is a transitional phase in which you are experiencing everything for the first time as a couple and not to mention getting used to living and caring for another person isn’t easy at all. So I feel pretty good hitting this two-year milestone. It has been tough. We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs, but I can say one thing: I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am not too sure what we are doing for our anniversary, but I am intending on going to Seaworld for a day or two coupled with a romantic dinner out. I’ve never been to Seaworld, so it would be a fresh new adventure.

Last but not least, the beginning of marriage was definitely an exciting chapter in my life that continues every day. Ever since I was a little girl, I looked forward to the day I would get married to the one I love. That day, thankfully, has come and I am living the life of a wife.  After that, the second day I am looking most forward to in my life is starting a family. I loved kids and particularly babies ever since I was a kid. I would hold random people’s infants at parties, gatherings, parks – etc. I can hardly wait for the day to hold my own!  With all that said, I think that day is drawing ever closer. I am not going to go into too many details, but when and as things happens, I will keep everyone posted.

Phew! Writing this post was a helpful reminder of all that I have to be grateful for.

I feel so blessed, loved and indebted…


About MuslimWife23

"The Night of the Prophet's SAS birth is a magnificient, noble, blessed and holy night, a night of bliss for the believers, pure, radiant with lights, and of immeasurable price." -Ibn Kathir "You will reach a station where even accepting a little bit of dunya will be a burden on you...you will become a tool only for God acting in his service"

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  1. Assalamu’alaikum!

    Masha’Allah, congratulations! All of it sounds so exciting and uplifting, Masha’Allah! May Allah (swt) increase the love, affection, patience, and barakah between you and your husband. Ameen.

    It is true about the first two years of marriage. I honestly believe those two years can make or break a marriage. It’s a testing time, but I believe it helps create a stronger relationship between the husband and wife.

    All the best to you!

    • Sabirah,

      Ameen. Jazakallah khair. May Allah SWT bless your marriage likewise.

      And yes it is. It can make it or break it so its best to start off by doing things correctly and learning as mistakes are made.

      Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

      Take care

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