Garlic Herb Cheese Rolls


Today, I woke up fairly early because hubby had to get homework done on the computer. You are probably wondering what that has to do with my sleep. Well, the computer is a foot away from my bed and I can’t sleep with constant typing and clicking. I woke up and relocated to the couch in the hopes of continuing my much needed sleep. That was a dream. The cat was constantly meowing and even decided to invite herself on the couch to cuddle with me and lick my foot.30 minutes later hubby put in a request for his breakfast! So I dragged myself up and made chocolate chip waffles drizzled with honey butter in the waffle maker. Shortly, thereafter I got a load of laundry done.

All of this before 1pm on a Sunday is quiet astonishing.

This was peanut butter stuffed French Toast that I made for hubby Saturday morning!

As hubby continued to work on his homework, I retired to the couch again. But this time, I wasn’t sleeping. I was racking my brain for ideas as to what I should make for dinner. Finally, I decided to make Chicken Biryani. I had to send hubby to the store for sour cream which luckily was on sale. I also asked him to pick up some yeast and cheese. While he was at the store, I decided I wanted to make these cheese rolls. I’ve been wanting to make bread for a while, but without yeast its pretty hopeless.

I found a basic recipe for dough and added cilantro, parsley, dill and garlic. I then stuffed them with Asiago and Provolone cheese. They turned out so delicious. The recipe stated it would make 12 rolls. That was an understatement. I made close to 25 rolls!

I also toasted cumin seeds, black seeds and sesame seeds to top off the rolls.

Kneaded Dough


Toasting all the seeds


Nice & Golden Brown!

About to go in the oven

YUM! Ready to Eat!


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"The Night of the Prophet's SAS birth is a magnificient, noble, blessed and holy night, a night of bliss for the believers, pure, radiant with lights, and of immeasurable price." -Ibn Kathir "You will reach a station where even accepting a little bit of dunya will be a burden on will become a tool only for God acting in his service"

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