So Much To Do, So Little Time!


Yes! I know it is an old saying, but its the truth!

I’ve been running around all over the place like a mad woman doing this and that. I am still not done! I tutor on the side and its been crazy. I am getting a lot of students this year which is great financially speaking, but juggling it is a challenge!

Originally, I wanted to be a teacher but when I took my first business class I had a change of heart. Teaching is still my passion so tutoring fulfills it somewhat. I just love working with children. They are young, innocent, impressionable and just passionate about life. I love seeing that in little ones. They are excited and eager to start learning and have a ton of question for you about everything!  Over my years as a tutor, I’ve seen kids who I know will grow up to be who they want to be with a career and all; while others.. I am not so sure about. It happens when you are young. If its instilled in you that education is the key to success in life, then you will see the fruits of your labor. However, if it isn’t and you waste your years in this and that, you will pay a hefty price.

One of my students comes from a very poor background – low income family, broken house, no dad, living in the projects, etc. But I am telling you, he is one of my all time favorite students! Initially, I considered dropping him from my list because of the environment I had to be in to tutor him but after just one lesson with him I was an instant believer. I was a believer in him, his education, his dreams and ultimately his future. He has such a passion for learning that it actually makes my job that much more rewarding. Its the ‘beyond the paycheck’ feeling! I love it. He is focused on the task at hand, works hard and asks questions when he does not understand! So many kids do not do that and I think that is why they miss out. Speaking up ensures clarification.

On the other hand, I’ve had students where the student was not too interested about his failing grades or school in general. Sadly, his parents weren’t either. In fact, his ‘dad’ (mom’s boyfriend, non-biological) asked me if I could shorten the session. The session is only an hour to begin with…twice a week. He missed tutoring several times a month with no notification from the parents. Often times, I would call the parents as standard protocol when he was not at tutoring and they would say…‘oh we forgot he had tutoring’. This kind of neglectful careless behavior is picked up by children and will most likely be portrayed later on in life.

I’ve also made another interesting discovery. Parents of minority children have displayed the most interest in their child’s success. This is primarily because they know what life is like in a third world country and what life is like without a proper education or career. They’ve come to this country to better the future for themselves and their children. I believe that here as Americans, living life on a few dollars a month or straining soil for a few drops of water is never truly depicted. Most of these families have come from such background and thus hold education on such a high pedestal. These parents were involved from day one – asking questions, looking over progress reports, offering assistance and much more. And that is the kind of attitude I expect to see from parents of a child who is doing poorly in school. Especially when you are getting free tutoring at the expensive of government funded programs…

Anyways, that’s my life in a nutshell at the moment.

Oh! by the way… at the end of all that drama – Here is what a 40 min dinner looked like tonight: Parmesan crusted Tilapia with Lemon & Cumin Rice – topped with a savory relish!


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"The Night of the Prophet's SAS birth is a magnificient, noble, blessed and holy night, a night of bliss for the believers, pure, radiant with lights, and of immeasurable price." -Ibn Kathir "You will reach a station where even accepting a little bit of dunya will be a burden on will become a tool only for God acting in his service"

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