Lemon Cilantro Kofta


Cooking is hard work, especially if you have young children. I applaud all women who cook almost everyday, especially mothers. It takes a lot, but the fruit of the labor is well worth it. And when I say, cook, I mean actually cook – putting a whole meal together. Not opening boxes and cans and using the microwave to heat prepared cardboard tasting meals. As you may know already, I love to cook. It can get a bit tedious at times and it definitely is tiring, but eating that scrumptious home cooked meal at the end is well worth it.

Because I cook almost everyday, I run out of ideas. I try to experiment with different ideas and new recipes. Every morning after hubby leaves for work, I have the same ritual. I walk over to my freezer and pull out some kind poultry for that day -chicken, beef, lamb, or fish. Today I pulled out ground beef. I intended on cooking beef with spinach, but it was the same old thing – different day.

As I was looking at the Little Pink  Strawberries blog, I came across Ya Salam Cooking.

While I was browsing over at Ya Salam Cooking, I came across this recipe for Lemon Cilantro Kofta. After having years of cooking experience, I can pretty much look at a recipe and decide if the flavors work for me or if it is even something I want to attempt. I knew this recipe for the kofta was going to be a hit because lemon and cilantro pair really well together. I decided to make this tonight with a few modifications. I like to take a recipe and modify to my liking and also to add my own special signature touch to it.

So here is the recipe: Lemon Cilantro Kofta. Below, I will list the modifications I made along with pics.

* I added four garlic cloves in the kofta and another two for the sauce. We love garlic. It has such a pungent taste to liven up any dish.

* I didn’t have oats so I used bread crumbs instead. As I was adding the bread crumbs, I noticed that 1/2 cup would be too much so I only used about 1/3 cup.

* In addition to the cilantro in the kofta, I added mint as well.

* I added a whole medium sized onion in the kofta and 3/4 of an onion in the sauce.

* Because I like cream based sauces, I added heavy cream and a spoon of sour cream to the sauce to give it a smooth creamy consistency.

* I diced a potato and added it to the sauce as well before sticking it in the oven.

* I baked it for 30 mins to ensure the meat balls cook through all the way because I formed larger sized balls.

* I only added half a lemon.

This is what the kofta balls looked like after I formed it. Just before pan-searing them. I was able to make 11-medium sized balls.

* I also drizzled some olive oil in a pan and pan-seared the kofta balls for a bit till they form a nice golden brown crust to them. You don’t want to cook them all the way, since they will finish cooking in the oven. This is a nice touch because it keeps them from becoming too soggy when you add them in the sauce. It helps them hold their shape. Note: you want to be gentle when you turn the kofta balls in the pan, because they are so delicate and will fall apart easily.

* I saved the best for last! I had fresh mozzarella balls in the fridge. I took those and inserted them in the kofta balls. and you bet it was a delicious surprise in the middle! This was an excellent idea because when you bite in the kofta, you can get this nice burst of yummy fresh cheese! 😀

This is what the end product looked like! YUM!

I really enjoyed this recipe and best of all my hubby was over the moon. The whole time we ate dinner, he could not stop complimenting at how good the food was! This was really quick and easy to make too. I served it with some fresh Basmati rice. I made it all in an hour. And there is plenty for leftovers too. I didn’t use all the kofta for this recipe. Because its just hubby and I, I have to downsize the recipe considerably.  I saved the rest of the kofta for spaghetti and meatballs tomorrow night!

Thank you for sharing this recipe on Ya Salam Cooking. If you are interested in new recipes, go on over there and browse around. There are a ton of new and interesting recipes for just about everything from side dishes, main course, soups and teas.

And this is what dessert looked like! Chocolate chip cupcakes with cream cheese frosting! 🙂


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